Stole the Show with Fujifilm XT1

Fujifilm seems to have managed the transition from film to digital better in the long run. Fujifilm was fashionably late to the party, but in the past few years they’ve been putting out some excellent and innovative mirrorless cameras. Sure, they can be a little quirky at times. But they’re also very, very good. The Fujifilm X-series are damn good cameras, period. They’re rapidly closing the gap in image quality with a full-featured DSLR while being much smaller, lighter, and in some cases offering much better weather proofing. And it doesn’t hurt that that look great with their retro styling. 
The XT1
( -Compact size / -Rugged, weather resistant design. / -Sensor / -Excellent Image Quality /- Electronic viewfinders )
 I recently had the chance to put it through its paces by shooting with it for about 3 days. I tested it with the 35mm 1.4f Fujinon lens. What I was most interested in was how it performed in real-world shooting. I’m much more interested in performance and handling than bells and whistles. Sure, the X-T1 has a lot of fun bells and whistles–built-in wifi with an official smartphone remote control and access app, in-camera RAW processing, multiple exposure mode, panorama mode, and dynamic range bracketing. Those are all nice, but in real-world shooting I don’t tend to use those much. I’m much more interested in whether a camera helps me get the shot, and if it does, that the image quality is as high as I want it to be. 

 This review hopefully gives you some idea of what it’s like to shoot with.
( all photos set in manual mode + natural light )

There’s a lot to like about the Fujifilm X-T1–it’s a good camera. The image quality is excellent. It handles like a pro-quality, compact camera. It’s a tough little cookie that can handle some of the treatment that travel inevitably dishes out. And most importantly, it’s fun to shoot with. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that it’s in such high demand. I think im going to get one very soon. ^_^

You can find the full specs on Fujifilm’s website.

I hope you enjoy the snaps! Godbless!
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