Hello, first love i am back

It's been a year and half since i last updated my photo blog. :)
You know shit happens sometimes.
But. i am back  to my first love.
Yes. pursuing photography again.

"Everyone has something that they haven't seen before in this world. It's something very kind and sweet. Everyone would probably fight for it if they could see it.
That is why the world hid that thing. So that only those who are truly deserving can find it"


So many things happened in the past. But i don't live in there anymore.
I am matured enough to accept my flaws, mistakes and starting this day i want
to improved things, to learn new things, to work with new things, to teach new things,
 and to build my new dreams.
I know people do change for the better or worse. But i can't blame them. It's part of life.
We're all making decisions based on the experiences
 we've had all wanting to be loved and understood.
My hearts has been shattered lately but i know this shall too pass. Learned my lessons too.
I don't know what the future holds but i know
I always want to use those skills and time i have to do good for other people.

For now, i'l just be me, sharing new and old snapshots of my life.
It's up to you people if you want to visit my blog again, check my updates perhaps? ^_^

My only wish this coming months and this coming years
I want a job that i can travel the world. hehe
I know, God will guide me with this vision

Yes. I want to be happy too and have a family of my own someday
I want a daughter or son someday. ( i'l name them "Hikari and Hikaru" )
Hehe in short i'm not getting any younger but
  I'm not in a hurry too. :)

- Jamzlife


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