The World She Saw | Her First Time

Last year.
November 2012. I was spirited away.

The first moment that i ever set foot on Sagada.. I'm literally blown away. haha
I mean this little town is very magical, locals were friendly, weather is particularly cold most of the time, food is effin delicious (hahanap-hanapin mo) and on par with some of the good restaurants in the metro.
One of the best places in our country and listed as one of the top destinations in TripAdvisor.
Most of all super budget friendly! :-)
There are two options in exploring the town either get a guide or do it yourself with a provided map that you will acquire in the tourist information center near the town hall.

If you missed my recent post about how get to Sagada ( click here )

Here are my shots while exploring the town using a digicam :) 
Yes a walking tour for two days!

One of the perks while exploring Sagada is not tiring to explore because of the weather and environment.
It is much more advisable to explore it in this way to see the beauty and the nostalgic feeling of this small town.
Oh hello there! Peace! :)

So far i have visited only half of Sagada has to offer.
The Yogurt House, Residential Lodge, Masferre Place, The Church ( St. Mary the Virgin ) | The harry Potter forest, The Bana's Cafe, Lemon Pie House, Top view of Sumaguing Cave, The Elementary School, Gaia, The Echo Valley, St. Joseph Place Resthouse, Sagada Cementery, Hanging Coffins, Navales Bakeshop, Sagada Weaving, Kimchi Resto Bar, Sagada Pine Cafe, Gabay fruit wines, and most of all my very love "The Log Cabin."

You're lucky if you visit this place. I bet you'll never regret it.

Note: I'll definitely be back.. see you on my next entry. :)

Travel Location: Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
Travel Date: November 2012
Posted on blog: May 2013
Camera Used: Sony Cybershot wx1



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