The Road To Sagada

This road trip to Sagada, Mountain Province was a real road trip challenge experience. 

It was a tough trip - especially on my butt! 
Trip Duration: Almost 5 hours (The roads are pretty rough) 
 I experience all - rough roads, side cliff roadsides, mountain-side roads, long waits, stony roads but not without admiring mountain views, seeing Mount Pulog (Luzon's highest peak), valley scenes, waterfalls from mountainside, river valleys, mountain life and rice terraces while on the road! Everything is perfect even my hot cup noodles is awesome. And damn super cold ambience lalo na sa stop over sa ATOK! :D

How do I get to Sagada?
Sagada is best reached through Baguio City, passing through La Trinidad in Benguet, to get to the highest mountain highway system in the Philippines, Halsema Road until one reaches Mountain Province, where Sagada is located. 
My route is..
Upon arriving at Baguio, you may take a cab to the Dangwa Bus Station. The cab fare will cost about 40-50 Php (~1+ USD). Locate the Lizardo Transit station – facing the station, it’s on the LEFT side. They have a small ticket booth where you could buy tickets minutes before the bus leaves. The first trip

Price: 220 Php ~ 5.50 USD
Schedule: First bus leaves at 630AM. The last bus leaves at 1 PM.
Trip Duration: 5-6 hours (The roads are pretty rough)
Stops: The bus makes two stops. There are restrooms and food stalls in the vicinity as well.

Anyway here are some snapshots while waiting for the touchdown. This is my first entry with film feeling which is i love it. Sagada was worth the long, grueling road trip.  :)

Aptly called the Shangri-La of the Philippines, the town was beyond amazing, full of irresistible charm, ya'll see it on my next entry. :D

Travel Location: Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
Travel Date: November 2012
Posted on blog: April 2013
Camera Used: Sony Cybershot wx1



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