Marcos Secret Resort

While passing by the Leyte town of Tolosa from Tacloban en route to Dulag and Agas-agas Bridge, I readily noticed the high walls on the long stretch of highway that piqued his interest and prodded him to ask a question to his companion what's inside those walls.

It turned out the property enclosed by the walls is the controversial Olot Beach Club, part of the huge property of the imeldific one -- Imelda Marcos -- sequestered by the government through the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). On entering the "walled resort" you can only imagine the splendor that once enveloped the place. You'll just notice the decaying clubhouse, no people except a few hanging out on the nearby beach.

The beach is of fine gray sand with a few bahay kubo (native huts) dotting the beach front and said to be off-limits to the locals of Olot, Tolosa back in those days when the Marcoses  were in power in these islands (though the Romualdez clan, where Imelda Romualdez Marcos belongs, still calls the shots in Tacloban and Leyte politics up to this day.

There's a nine-hole golf course of San Juanico Golf Club currently leased out (which can give you an idea of the expanse of the property) while Olot Beach Resort rents out swimming pool, bathhouse and beach front.

No time too to visit the Kalipayan or the Olot Mansion, the Presidential Mansion of late President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and called the true MalacaƱang of the South... ( via: budgettravelphilippines )

Some pictures i took during that day. :)

Travel Date: August 2011
Camera used: Lumix Lx5
Full photoblog will be available this week or next week. :D

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