The entry point

I got featured on manila bulletin picture perfect last 2 days ago ( March 8, 2010 ). Honestly, It was my first time. Thank you GOD. I didn't expect this at all or maybe i just got lucky that day. Yes, indeed it's been three years since i started taking pictures, I'm a self-taught photo-hobbyist since then... i have no camera back then. Most of the time i hang out with my cousin Dail Jon when shooting everything we can. It's cool.
By the way this sony cybershot is my ventus the camera i used for that jumping kids shot. I  really love using small cameras when traveling because it's so very handy and of course always ready to fight. But always keep in thought that photography is NOT about the equipment but what you do with the equipment. Just a thought.

Thank you Mr Paredes for such a chance. I'm going to try again.

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