SOFA random: Activity 6 | The Mid-terms

Last August 2012

I'm having a hard time that time between work and school. Yeah super duper mega pressured lol but sir Enzo motivated me to finish the job which is my mid-terms even though i know the deadline is only 24 hours left. I remember it was raining in the morning that day. I was waiting and praying for the sun to come out but sadly it didn't showed up. Thanks to my man we contact some good friend which is Anne one of my sisters friend. She told me about an old building located somewhere in Magsaysay drive and then i contact my old model which is faith and my sister again. We need to rush the shoot between 1 and half hour because of the schedule of faith she have to go back to her school before 1pm.  Apparently, i have no idea what will happen next. I am thinking of contemporary ad campaign somewhat then i put my headset on and listen to Utada Hikaru song which is "Beautiful World" while taking photographs...

And this is what happened..

Theme: Fashion Campaign | Creating a Mock Advertising Fashion Campaign
Fashion product: Apparel and Footwear ( personal collection )
Brand: Marc Ecko

Light set up: Natural light.
                                                                  Location: Old building.

                                                       Models: Faith Garcia & Claud Float
                                                Camera used: Canon 550d + 50mm 1.8 lens
                                                                   Date: August 2012

(c)2012 Jamzlife


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