Preview: A Hundred Silhouttes and Their Stories.

A short random preview which is a part of my personal projectjamzlife named
"A Hundred Silhouettes and Their Stories". 

So here's the random preview of the project.

A memory beyond our deepest thoughts".
"A world between-A- forgotten world."
 "Utter Silence"

"All the pieces lie where they fell"
 "What mattered the most was remembered the least."
"Door to the light."
"This is how a heart breaks!"

"Two who were never meant to meet."
"Sometimes, i wanna be like them again! :) .. "
"Forget Myself"
"Fall for you"
"Photographers Life : Another World"
"A world without world"
"Hidden Truths"
 "Good old days"
"Photographer's Life"
"Image of their backs,preserved in memory."


Shoot Location: Everywhere. 
Cameras used: 
Ventus ( Sony Cybershot WX1 )
Aqua   ( Canon Ixus 95IS )
       Roxas ( Lumix DMC - Lx5 )

 .RELEASE DATE: 2013                                                                                                                       
      © JAMZLIFE Photography ( Some rights reserved )


  1. Ang cute nung Photo Hobbyist, Traveler. I have mole on my face and i eat sunsets ♥

    Ang ganda Julie lalo na yung colors, i miss seeing that kind of sunsets. Different hues na nag fifit talaga sa concept, nabibigyan nya talaga ng mas stronger emotion sa nakakakita. Kahit simple lang tignan, huge impact for the viewer. Lalo sa mga taong di nakakapunta / nakakaranas na ganyan naipapakita mo / na iishare mo na parang andyan na kami :P Very impressive ♥

    ""Image of their backs,preserved in memory."" Love it so much mare, kaw lang nakita ko na ganito kagaling mag deliver. Keep it up alam ko you will be successful aside from good attitude! Ill support you <3333

  2. I liked the silhouettes... Thanks for showing me your blogs Julie...