Photography Tips: People & Portraits

My experience. Shooting people is one of the biggest challenge in my photography life.  I do remember my first portrait back then it was really awful. But it takes a lot of patience including years if you really want to keep learning.. if you really want to keep shooting... if you really want to be more creative... if you really do want to continue your passion. Yes it takes time.

Portraiture is all about capturing the essence, moods, and emotions of your subject.


Are you aiming for a formal or wacky human portraiture? Whichever you choose, take note that this is dependent on both your perspective and your subject's requirements. Portraits come in various forms, ranging from locations such as the studio or the streets, to different types such as full-length or half-body shot. But all these are secondary when what you have to really capture is the essence and the personality of the subject. Therein lies the secret to a successful portrait shot.


 Okay i will share something that i read a long time ago whoever you are.

Know Thy Subject : Cozy up to your subject and get to know him/her before shooting in order to create a comfortable environment between yourselves. Getting the subject to relax in front of you is the first step, so take time to find out what makes them tick. Observe,determine,and create the mood you wish to portray in your shots by making sure to break the ice before you press the shutter. :D


Dont Lose To The Background: Studio shots are mostly reserved for formal portraits. As such, you would do well to ensure that the background is as clean and clutter-free as possible to give the true focus your subject. Make sure your subject is prominent in the foreground with the right colors. Outside of the studio, location scouting is also key. Understand your environment and you'll get a clearer picture of your resulting shot even before you embark upon it.


Note: When shooting outside the studio, understanding the background is an essential element in a portrait. 


Capture The Soulful Eyes: When you look at a portrait, chances are, you'll find yourself drawn to the eyes. It's true that a person's thoughts,feelings,and expressions are conveyed through that particular soulful window known as the eyes. With that in mind, the golden rule is to keep a sharp focus on the eyes, and you'll capture the essence of your portrait in one fell swoop. :-)


Remember The Basics:  Don't forget about depth of field when doing portraiture. While telephoto lenses are preferred over wide-angle ones in these cases, the former is more capable of giving more compressed depth of field. Have a firm grasp of what you wish to portray in your images, and recognize the tools you require to realize the shot you have in mind. It's all about understanding the technicalities of your camera and putting its features to good use. A kit lens will do a lot. Trust me, most of my portraits i only used 50mm and 18-55mm. :-)

"Everybody loves to be photographed, so make sure you make them look good in your shoots, right? :-)




These random photographs were taken from year 2009-2011.
I'll add some more if i found my missing stock photos. hehe
Full view is available for the moment. Just double click. :-)

"But sometimes the best portrait is one where your subject has no (or little) idea that you've taken the shot at all – because you're shooting candidly"


Okay.. i hope you enjoy the tips... more to come, upgrading and will be shooting for more.

Thank you, have a nice day! 
Happy shooting and God Bless :-) 
Enjoy camera life! :-)



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